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Being together should never feel like one person or both people in a relationship are alone. If you are not giving your all in letting a person know that your love for them is real, you are only opening the door for the enemy and outsider to enter. Confirm by affirming with your action that it is real. Love is an action word!!! happy Sunday people. Great week ahead.


Listen, anyone can make her a girlfriend or a mom But It takes a man of vision to see that she deserve to be a wife. Set your priorities right.#emyspeaks


It's a blessing to be with someone that you can totally be yourself 100% of the time...if you have that, cherish it! Real People are hard to find nowadays!Good morning#emyspeaks


Every genuine lover of God is Ordained for EXPLOIT (2Cor:2:9)


A great relationship (frienship,love-ship,marriage-ship, whatever the ship) is about two things1. Appreciating the. Similarities2. Respecting the differences.So if it isn't making you better, it is probably not love. True love makes you more, not less of who you are. Enjoy your day#emyspeaks


Tomorrow will be fine, so don't let your worries take away the beauty of today! Enjoy your day!#emyspeaks

Make the best of where yo

Just because you weren't invited to the party, doesn't mean you can't dance at home! Make the best of where you are. Enjoy your day.#emyspeaks


For one to value need to first value yourself...and remember to be happy because happiness brings happy people around you

Beware of him. Hes a scam

Alolabi Akindeinde is a big scammer, fraudster, thief. Ladies please beware of him. Dont fall victim


So many people have reacted differently concerning this networking business called MMM. Some even gave it a nick name " Money Making Machine " but to me it's all about risks, after all this life we are living is full of risks. Please what's your own opinion about it

as simple as that

Everything works together for my good. Jesus Rocks


It was a bright Sunday morning at the children's church,Parents are coming in to register and drop off their children. Service was about 45mins gone when my baby came up to me that she wants to wee and I promptly took her hands and we walked down to the toilet together. They are still potty-trained so their potties were all lined up at the entrance of the toilet. I already rolled up her clothe and pull down her pants when I heard a voice "aunty T happy Sunday how was your week" and I turned back to give my courteous response and…


Every genuinely Soul Hunter will end up a STAR (Dan:12v3)


Matt:7:7-8,Jer:33:3)(1.) The approach we take to prayer determine wat we get as result.(2.) We are to come boldly to d throne of grace & nt to come begging.(Heb:10:22).*Prayer is nt a religious exercise.*Bold approach on d altar of prayer,turns things around. (James: 5:17-18)(Mat:16:18-18).Boldness in prayer gives us command at d Mercy of Heaven*Boldness enables u to take ur part of Possession. (Mat:11:12)(Obad:1:17)*Boldness is nt of d face,but of d Heart. That's why it takes a bold Heart to take a bold Step of Faith.(Luk:18:5)*It is…

The real me

Just wish you can take me as i am