The source of our Christian faith is through Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Savior of the universe. Nigerian Christian Singles dating website is truly committed to connecting and bringing Christians together. We believe by accepting what The almighty God have said, In His inspired and written words, the Holy Bible, enables us to live life in freedom, happiness, and with a purpose. We believe that there is one God that exist in trinity, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

Our Lord Jesus Christ
As Our Lord Jesus Christ showed us the way to peace and happiness, we believe and accept the (deity) of our Lord, His unique and only virgin birth, and also His sinless life, His remarkable miracles, His atoning death, His actual physical body resurrection, His ascension into the right hand side of God all mighty, the Heavenly Father, and His return to the earth in full strength and glory to evaluate the world in righteousness, and the creation of a new paradise (Heaven) and even new earth for all His followers.

The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible is a collection of text put into writing by the inspiration of God and the Holy Spirit. The almighty God gave the text of the Holy Bible by means of human personalities. The fundamental philosophy of the Christian faith, and everlasting truths were recorded and also preserved in His own Words. The Holy Bible clearly shows the character of our God as well as His will towards the behaviour of men and women in our society today and throughout the entire history of the whole world.

The Gospel
The Almighty God, Our Heavenly Father sent His Only Son Jesus Christ to this earth to be given birth to by a virgin mother Mary. After which He became a grown man while teaching and healing His fellow human beings. He endured hardships and gave-up His own life on the cross and was buried after which He rose from the dead on the 3rd day, and returned to the heavenly Father in Heaven. Exactly the perfect place where He has been preparing for those that receive His special gift of salvation, as a result of the sinless life style He lived, He died for the sins of all mankind and His marvelous resurrection. Jesus Christ has made way for men and women to achieve forgiveness of our sins and even live eternal life along with Him by the means of repentance, simply because God has given man everlasting life through our Lord Jesus Christ. His believers will remain safe and secure in salvation to eternity. Salvation is actually maintained through the grace and power of God, not really by the personal efforts of a Christian.

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