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Godly versus trendy

We say "it's ungodly",they say "it's trendy". My dear,when your decisions in life is controlled by trends or anything in vogue to a point of loosing sense of moderation and moral justification,it's outright slavery. Trends are created out of imaginations into reality. It's ungodly for a created thing to control those who created it. Be in charge of your choices. Let your knowledge of trends be controlled by godly sense

Spiritual discernment

Never take demon consciousness for gift of discernment of spirits. No! Discernment of spirit is supernatural ability to distinguish between spirits. Demons are just one of those beings existing in the spiritual realm. Do not be distracted from the spiritual beings(angels) assigned to minister FOR you and focus on those who are committed to ministering AGAINST you.


it is easier to say but it is better to do... Even as you set out this week,,, watch what you say and do,,, don't brag too much it reduce your self worth,,, don't do either without thinking it through,, it shows that you lack self control. Be controlled and guide by the Holy Spirit and see yourself scaling through a stressless week,, remain blessed....

Tips for the week

It's a new week friends let's apply these simple tips : Choose more action and make less noise Be a smart worker and not just a hard worker Think more and speak less Grow your grass and quit staring at other's garden. Love more ,hate less. Purse your dreams,avoid distractions Appreciate your friends,never talk behind their backs Finally,take God serious. I wish everyone a splendid week ahead!!!

praising God

May his name alone be exalted

Valentine's Day

As the 2018 Valentine day draws near, there are divided opinions on whether Christians should celebrate the day or not. Please what's your opinion. Leave your comment below

Hot search

Life is beautiful when it's well Connected to the right people at the right time and the right place. I hope am in a rightful place at the right time. I Will want the Lifetime golden Opportunity to work for us Iff we know our right and what we want.


Am just curious about what to expect from this site and how it really works.

Praise the Lord

praise are worship,,, laud,,, words of appreciation that we give to God. Just as David praise and remove his garments,, we should also do that. It dosent mean our physical garments but those things that weigh us down,,it could be our connections,,depression,, worries,, anxiety,, fear,, sickness,,,hopeless situations,,, poverty,,,money,,, riches,,, beauty etc. We have to lay all these down for we to render quality praise to God. Remember God inhabit the praise if his people.remain blessed and above only.

infertility solution

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Satan's in no hurry to get you

Satan's in no hurry to get's a long way from here to where you are going to go. Be true to Jesus daily.

"that bringeth forth his fruit in his season"

Last time i bought a mango after the normal season, it was a total waste. there was so much maggot in it that i lost my appetite for food through out the day. Solomon says in Ecc. 3 that there is time and season for every thing under the earth and that was not a mere assertion, it is a pure statement of fact. Still on the fruits, try our local apple, udara which comes very early in the season or very late. what you get is a bitter sour fruit and a home for maggots and all kinds of insects respectively. Here David in the very first chapter of Hi…


By all means keep moving. It isn't about size that you win or fail, achieve excellence in whatever you are. Be a bush if you can't be a tree If you cant be a highway, be a trail If you cant be the sun, be a star If you cant fly, run If you cant run, walk If you cant walk, crawl but by all means keep moving!


I like the way Good News Bible version puts this portion of the scripture.Psalms 18 vs 34"He trains me for battle so that I can use the strongest bow" If like me you have wondered why sometimes you are plunged into a series of what appears to be unending battles, then I hope you can find comfort in this Words as I have. #Have_a_blessed_day