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Always hear from God before taking any major step in life

Get intimate with God.

Intimacy with God through His Spirit cannot be established by associating with believers or mere church attendance. It's an individual experience. No one can get it for you or create it on your behalf. Know God by yourself.

First post of the year

who is Christian???? Someone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ,,, confesses him and try to live the life of Christ. Not someone who knows him(jesus) but his life is void of his presence and his glory. Righteousness was given to us as a free gift but holiness we must work effectively for it,,,,, because without holiness it is impossible to see God. Someone can be righteous and still go to hell. So Let's continue to keep watch for our master will soon come to reward everyone according to his works........

About fashion

Being fashion-conscious is not the same as fashion-slavery, only few ladies understand the difference between the two. It is feminine to know fashion trends but it is sensible to have the right fashion sense. Judge what you call "Fashion"!


what will spend time to think about , though it may tarry but, I tell you it will manifest, its a matter of time. As a man thinketh in his heart, so it is. Thoughts are powerful, let us mind what we think about always.

The Power of Praying in Tongues

When you Pray in tongues, it is your spirit by the Holy Spirit within you praying. You do the talking; He gives the Utterance.

God- the beginning.

It is not mere coincidence that the first four words of the bible says "In the beginning, God". We might as well take it as a reminder that life has no beginning until it begins with God. God is not a means to an end like some take Him to be. He is the very end that has no beginning and remains the beginning every man needs to end life meaningfully.

The Need For A Spiritual Guide in This Troubled World

We live in a Spiritual wild life park, we need a guide so as not to walk up into a Lion's mouth. The guide I'm referring to is Jesus Christ. I once visited the Old Oyo Natural Park, Oyo State, Nigeria to see wild life in their natural habitat and we had an armed park ranger following us around. I reasoned he had to be with us in order to protect us from potential attack from a wild animal. This scenario resonates with the current world we live in. Satan is the prince of this world and as long as he remains the prince of the world, tro…

Mapping The Anambra Gubanitorial Elections

Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Cartograms, dots and Choropleths are best used in depicting election results. The Anambra Gubernatorial election has come and gone. Results from INEC was mapped to visualize relationships, patterns, and trends to deeply understand electoral process.It is worth noting that readers generally deciphers presentations with visuals more than those without. From the image, it is very glaring to see how Willie Obiano of APGA won in all Local Government Areas of the state. Maps also helps in providing…

Proverbs: 18:21(Part 2)

There is no subject in the Bible that we should take any more seriously than "OUR MOUTH". It can be used to bring Blessings or Destruction not only to our own lives, but to the lives of many others.(Proverbs: 18:21)


Success is not as a result of what u have . Bt rather as a result of WHO U HAVE

Finding someone on this site

Am trying to believe if this site real and sincere people. Can I know your experiences please...

Be the Man who completes her.

So the big question is, why is your woman with you? Is it for money or ***? Women make a lot of noise about money, they insist on it, flock around it, but the truth is, it is not the man who pays the most that enjoys the best of the woman. She needs the money to look good for her peers and for the man to whom her heart truly belongs, so don’t mistake her presence for love, you may be giving her the world, meeting her every financial need and she will still hate you with a passion. Women also talk a lot about ***, stamina, girth, prowess and all…

please is the page rccg

im want to make friends with catholic males who really want to start a relationship

Season of Fate

Everyone talks about timeWhat about chance,What about fate?Like dream scales.since Romance transcends ageof chance and time betrayswhat then do we say?if hearts are eternally boundif time fliesto the apex of the eagle's wingseven till the rapture counts'tis fate for hearts to singthe rhythms of chance.Let the moment comewhen two seasons shall both agreewith rights to final cuelet the moment comeoh, please, let the moment come.