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The grace we enjoy today do not come by the reason of our works or deed,,,,, it comes by the mercies of God. For by strength shall no man prevail,so each day you step out,,,,,,,, ask for God's mercies upon your life. DO HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!


Don't cry about ur problems or what ur passing thrn rite now ,, because tears won't let u c the stars and d glory ahead. Just hold on and have faith, ur miracle is just a step away......... Have a lovely evening !!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello everyone,,,, am new here and I really hope to make new friends here ... Well looking forward to do dat


Your best could be zero but aim the expectation

Good Friday

Christ paid the price for our; Total health, freedom, Eternal life, Sins and many more....if you remember pls join me list them .

A Step, A Time...

Taking my dreams one step at a time, fighting very hard but not forcing because I fight with class.


Good afternoon everybody am a new person here just want to know how this works am really looking forward to meeting my future partner here please let us get to hook up and have noticed that we only view and no comment well I hope mine will be an exception lol am waiting Thanks

I need a help

Hello everyone am new here finding difficult to upload my pics. Can someone pls help me out?Thank you

It's Called the Music of

Sometimes, some situations take laughter off our mouths and smiles off our lips, leaving us with frowns and wrinkles. Whatever the case, let's always remember that when all chips are down, God is up to something. So, rejoice in the hope that God is working in your favour. Happy Weekend Good People.

Love Is a Decision

Much more than our feelings, loving is a decision. Lysa Terkeurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries has this to say about choosing to love:"My love will be patient. My love will be kind. My love will persevere. Not because I feel it - but because I choose it."If you don't love, it's because you've decided not to love and not because you feel nothing. Good day. Have a wonderful weekend.


Faith is about trusting God especially when you cannot see his plan

Hope Wins every Time

I woke up this morning feeling "what's the point in praying and thanking God, He hasn't given me the things I want yet". With this idea in my head I started giving myself more reasons not to thank God but the Spirit of God reminded me about the life which I have (which is a gift) that some no longer have. After this reminder by the Holy Spirit, it occured to me that I was thinking without faith because as a Christian, I'm meant to live by faith, I'm meant to call forth those things that are not as though they were,…

Saying "NO"...

Often times, when we make resolutions, we tend to forget that saying "yes" to A may necessarily mean saying "no" to B. For example, when we say "yes" to getting up early, we have to say "no" to staying up late the previous night. So, avoid unnecessary frustrations that come from unmet goals. Learn to say "no" to those things, situations, and people that draw you back from achieving your goals.With warm thoughts...

Never Let Go

Always remember that whatever you face in life, letting go of God's hand is not an option. As we always say in my church "Out of the broken pieces of our past, the Lord can build an edifice of hope." Although I can fight for many things, I can also let go of many things. The only thing I can't let go of is God...

Zeal for Kingdom advancem

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. And all these things you are longing for will be added to you easily.