Worldly dating have taken over our society today,people no longer see xx immorality as a deadly n costly sin bcos of hollywood n nollywood standard of dating,most people are influenced by what they see in movies....To them xx outside marriage is an expression of their love to their partners and the most painful part of it is than christians are so involved in this tell me why would unbelievers think is wrong when so called christians are involved.LOVE is pure and love cannot rejoice in evil.(1 corin 13:4-7) contains all d qualities of christ love, if i love someone i will not want their soul to perish,in fact you will do ur best so they would not be damned.will a man or a lady separate u from the love of God,so before you compromise bcos of d so called love,read d above bible passage.many life and destinies have be destroyed because of xx so deadly.if u know anyone around u still involve in this,be bold enough to tell them is wrong and always include them in your prayers...dats Christ like different..let ur ways of living be a gospel to d unbeliever not a reproach to Christ name...think about it.let love lead.