We have two races to run on earth which are the : (1) The heavenly race which is primary
(2) The earthly race which is secondary.
Each of these races has a mission to be accomplished,and in all our pursuit of running the earthly race,
in all our pursuit for riches,fame, love,we should never forget our primary aim on earth.
We should never forget to put God first , and never forget that Jesus died for us on the cross of Calvary for the remission of our sins,
also include him in the middle of all our endeavors and also at the end,because he knows us better than we know ourselves.
What maters to me most is where each and everyone of us ends up after life, because Jesus said in the book of john 14 v 3 (i go to prepare a place for you ,i will come again,and receive you unto myself, that where i am, there ya may be also). #JESUS IS COMING BACK#Heavenlyrace #Lifeafterdeath #Heavenisreal #Godfirst