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A blessed Sunday to everyone on this platform.As you go out this week,God in His infinite mercies will favor you,increase you,promote you and grant all your heart ever desires in Jesus name.Gates of heaven will be opened, and God will pour out the riches of heaven on everyone.It is the week of testimony for many on this platform.Let us take the time to tell people about Gods love.Gods love is the only light that can conquer the darkness in many unsaved souls.

The life race

I have come to realize that having too many plans only gets one overwhelmed.You want to do what Mr A,B,C and D are doing without having the passion or flare for it.You feel it is the only way to make money and move ahead in life.My friend,it is not true.You have a vision,you have a passion and you have a goal,please stick to that.That is the only way you can pull through in life.You want to wake up 15 years down the lane and feel good about what you are doing.Not become frustrated and start taking it out on people. Later on in life,as you conti…