Testimonials - Just a few Success Stories from our members -

Testimony to the Glory of God - My name was Opeyemi Ajayi now Opeyemi Julius Oyeleye. I joined the site reluctantly 1st January 2017 this year. I met my husband mid January. We observed each other for a while online and met each other life first week in February 2017. We got married to the Glory of God on the 18th of May, 2017. We are happy together. We thank Nigerian Christian singles dating site for helping us find ourselves and for the joy we have today. We sincerely are grateful. We wish other singles good luck in their search. We would have achieved our wedding pictures but don't see where to add photos.

    Our love Journey Started Here" .. My fiance and I met here on Nigerian Christian Singles. In my opinion, finding someone on the internet is much better than trying to find relationship face-to-face. Online is very easy to meet people that are searching for exactly the same things in life, and not having to deal with all the rejection / skepticism / error and trial of presenting yourself to a stranger in public places ;) Thanks." Tomi & Ben

    "We finally found each other" I always believe that God has special someone for me, but finding that someone hasn't been easy, I was having a very difficult time finding him in my own ways. After so many years of no good successful relationships, I started worrying if my special someone is out there, but just as God will have it, i discovered this website, where i found David and our love continues to grow for each other every day. Thank you' NCs.com." Chioma and David

    "All we can say is Thank you" ..." We would like to thank NigerianChristianSingles.com for the wonderful service, organized and reliable. Obviously, when i joined I was really skeptical, but now, what happened to us? We found each other as soulmates , real serious relationship and we are very pleased with our genuine history. We have become an integral part of one and other! " Femi and Sandrah.

"I Have Found My Soulmate" Thank you very much Nigerian Christian Singles I have found my soul mate from here, and we've known each other now for 7 months and we just got married last month ,we are doing so well. I will love to recommend this site for EVERYONE that believes in finding true love through social networking.... Thanks a great deal...

    "We are now happily married" Once upon a time, I got a very special message from a very beautiful lady on this website. And we started chatting and chatting, getting to know each other, then one day we went out for a date... We met and started talking, we met again and talk, again and again, That was around one year ago, and we are now married and living happily ever after. " Thanks

    "You Have Changed Our lives, Thank you" I had found nothing but great Success through Nigerian Christian Singles.. I found my love, my life partner! We are very happy and planning our wedding for next year :) Thanks and good luck! To new members!"

    "Our God-centered Relationship Started here'' Being old fashioned man in my own ways, I have always been a little reluctant to the whole online dating thing. However, after some encouragements from my sister, I finally signed up on Nigerianchristiansingles.com to see if God really have that beautiful Christian woman for me, like I hoped he did.... We are now together, Thanks to Nigerianchristiansingles.com

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