There Are No Excuses For Bad Behaviour

Here are some rules and guidelines you must follow while using our service:

1. Respectful Conduct:

Be polite and respectful to other users. Don't engage in hate speech, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or some other personal characteristics.

2. Appropriate Language and Content:

Use appropriate language and conduct. Use of vulgar language, sexually suggestive comments, and sharing of explicit content are all prohibited. Any such conduct may result in your account being suspended or terminated immediately.

3. Truthful Representation:

Do not misrepresent yourself in any form. When creating your profile, Include current and accurate details of yourself such as your age, profession, and location. Do not use another person's pictures or claim to be someone you're not.

4. Honest Intentions:

Be truthful about your intentions. If you're searching for a casual date or a serious relationship, be upfront about it. Inadvertently misleading other users can result in hurt emotions and misunderstandings.

5. Privacy Matters:

Keep your details private. Don't give out your phone number, email address, or other sensitive data to anyone until you have built trust with them.

6. In-Person Caution:

When meeting in person, exercise caution. Always meet in a public location and notify a friend or family member of your plans and who you will be meeting. Trust your instincts and if you feel uncomfortable leave.

7. Reporting Suspicious Conduct:

Any suspicious conduct should be reported. If you come across any users who are breaking these rules or acting inappropriately, please report them to the site's support team as soon as possible.

By adhering to these rules and guidelines, you can help ensure that all users on this dating platform have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Violations Of Site Rules

A user will be banned for the following reasons.


2. Online charity fundraising.

3. Trying to scam or engaging in fraud.

4. Uploading naked pictures or nudity.

5. unprofessional attitude (insults, threats, obscene speech).

6. Any scenario involving prostitution.

7. Using a VPN, a tunnel, or the TOR browser.

8. Internet fraud or scamming.

Picture Upload Rules

Please follow these rules:

1. Only you can be in the photo, and it must be recent, the photo must clearly show your face.

2. Your photos must not contain any children, including your child/children or yourself as a child.

3. No naked pictures - Your photo must not depict nudity, violence, or in any way be inappropriate. NUDITY OR INAPPROPRIATE PHOTOS WILL RESULT TO A BANNED ACCOUNT.


If you do not follow our rules, your profile/account will be deleted and banned on this site/app.

Reporting a member

If you feel someone has joined our community for the wrong reasons you can report them using the report link on the profile. You can find out more about reporting by clicking here.

Eligible photos include:

1. Photos of the real profile owner are permitted.

2. Complete and clear facial vision.

3. high-quality images captured during the day.

Ineligible photos:

1. pictures of erotic images, politics

2. images of groups (including minors)

3. images of violent crime, weapons, and brutality

4. images that are not held by their owners' copyright

5. offensive photos

6. images that promote smoking, drinking, banned substance usage, or advertising

The website administrators reserved the following rights:

1. Immediately and without notice, block a user's profile

2. Delete a suspicious profile.

3. If a profile is dormant for an extended period, it should be blocked.

4. Remind users to obey the website rules.

5. levy penalties for violations

6. After a user's profile is deleted due to violations, the account amount is not refunded.

7. At any moment, change the conditions of service, associated costs, scope, and timing."