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AM TIRED OF YOU -the anti

I wonder what a world we live in. Only Christians are wanted on this site, but, satanists and Antichrists are all over the places. That is how they take over every area of life to abuse and contaminate it. They do not know where they belong. What a boring people!Please, if you are a TRUE christian, let me know -for a GOD kind of relationship. Let us get talking -by their fruit, you shall know them. This site is for people like US.

Marriage is a Good Thing

Every thing that God ordained is good.Marriage is a good thing (Gen:2:18)

What a Perfect Date and M

*Unbelievable**Yesterday was 9/9/2016* *Date —9**Month —9**Year 2+0+1+6= 9**Total....27* *2+7 = 9.* The 9th Month in Hebrew Calendar is called KISLEV which means SECURITY and TRUSTThe 9th Month in British Calendar is called SEPTEMBERWith 9 LettersWhat an EXTRA-ORDINARY and UNIQUE Month for all.The Month When God Unleashed His Word toMEN OF OLDUnique is its Expression, Calculation and WholesomenessCheck Out Why?9x1 = 99x2 = 18 i.e. 1+8 = 99x3 = 27 i.e. 2+7= 99x4 = 36 i.e. 3+6= 99x5 = 45 i.e. 4+5=99x6 = 54 i.e. 5+4=99x7 = 63 i.e. 6+3=99x8 = 72 i.…


I am on this site to find love, but I strongly appreciate and would love to meet matured adults between54 - 58 years old.I am not rude or snobbish, but just been direct.Apologies !!!

September to remember.

The month king will need the God's gift in me to solve problems at the palace.

God fearing girl/man

I love who I am.I love speaking truth,am a ambassador of Christ.I love swimming.

Lean on

Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Do what's right and cast all ur cares on HIM


Homes are built on the foundation of wisdom and understanding

Happy life

The best type of life is the type that you will stay at your dinning table surounded by a happy family, peace of mind and grateful to God.


GOD Almighty made us to understand according to HIS WORD of Truth that He has made all things beautiful in its time, and it only takes those that believes in HIS true love to partake of HIS beautiful wishes for them. Remember; God created the Heavens and the Earth, Satan didn't. So, whenever you are challenged wit the troubles of this world, simply remember that God's prosperity awaits you at the end of the tunnel, because HE always wins. We are uniquely blessed in Christ Jesus. AMEN.

Don't mess

Pls just be careful, i notice some are not what you might think they are, play your cards strictly because is Christians dating/friendship site but knew it could be a jungle.

Tell your Heart to Beat A

The title of this piece is the title of a song by Danny Gokey. There're so many situations in life that we're going to face that would threaten our chances of survival, that would threaten our will to go on, that would dictate that we give up in the fight but as much and as powerful these situations and circumstances might be, we MUST never back down. The Bible says it's good to hope (even to hope against hope). Truly, all we have left sometimes is a tiny rope of hope. So, whatever the challenge, we must always tell our hearts to…


TGIF again. God has been so wonderful to me this week and i give him all the praise. I believe that next week will even be more better than this week in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


One of the fundamental right of a Nigerian citizen is freedom of religion. But with the recent events that is happening in our country today the question now is do we still enjoy this right as a citizen? Since the Muslim brethren in some part from the North has decided to take law into their own hands by denying the Christian this right, the Federal government did not take any action concerning this. A Redeemed Church member was ****** during her morning evangelization another similar case of a Deeper life member occurred too. Another one that…

God is wonderful

Our God is so wonderful, I am a living witness.