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Sustaining Relationships

Your wife may be the most unattractive woman to the world but to you she must be the only attractive woman in the whole wide world. Remember she draws the strength to face the world from your love.Your husband may not qualify to be a sidekick let alone a superhero but to you he must be the only hero in your universe and you his sidekick. He draws his strength from your respect.When it truly comes down to it, all you have is each other.I pray for your relationship to blossom, flourish and be successful in Jesus name.

christ like love

Worldly dating have taken over our society today,people no longer see xx immorality as a deadly n costly sin bcos of hollywood n nollywood standard of dating,most people are influenced by what they see in movies....To them xx outside marriage is an expression of their love to their partners and the most painful part of it is than christians are so involved in this tell me why would unbelievers think is wrong when so called christians are involved.LOVE is pure and love cannot rejoice in evil.(1 corin 13:4-7) contains all d qualities of…


I love this site because when ever am free I just come to this site. It is interesting because I make new friends and it is also inspiring because some people's short messages inspire me. But we still need to make it more interesting, inspiring and encouraging so that we can all enjoy this site more than this. So I was wondering how? My brothers and sisters in Christ how do we go about it???

Hi everyone


We have two races to run on earth which are the : (1) The heavenly race which is primary (2) The earthly race which is secondary. Each of these races has a mission to be accomplished,and in all our pursuit of running the earthly race, in all our pursuit for riches,fame, love,we should never forget our primary aim on earth.We should never forget to put God first , and never forget that Jesus died for us on the cross of Calvary for the remission of our sins, also include him in the middle of all our endeavors and also at the end,because he knows…


I am excited to join this site. I just joined a few minutes ago and going through the blog, I am happy to see that there are true Christians here. May God Almighty answer our prayers and give us all our hearts desires according to His will and plans for us in Jesus name.

Potential God's pals

There are so many virtues in Christendom and as well many societally accepted norms but non would make any impact if this ingredient am going to talk about is not there. It has marked the life of so many men that has been used by God and and also the life of prominent men in our world is enriched by it. You know Daniel from the bible. Kai! I love that man. I can't forget what Darius said about him when a plot to eliminate him was hatched by wicked men. He said "Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver you". The abso…

Angels dey wear clothes o

I started to study the book of Ezekiel today and I was marvelled at the precision with which it was written. The description of the four beast was something beyond the wildest of imagination. The throne of God was not given that much detailed description because (I guess) the glory of God blinded him but one thing I noted was that those majestic angels had a whole extra set of wings to cover themselves and today our so to say "hot chicks, slay queens" in the church open everything and will still be blasting in tonguesAbeg me I no dey…

crying buckets

Whether you like it or not as you make your bed so shall you lie on it. Stop blaming people for the wrongs in your life. Get up and do something for yourself continue and don't ever ever give up and you will share your success story. Quitting has destroyed more destinies than lack of resources. Hope you are having a great day fellas.


Lots of things to read. I wonder if I was given a whole year to prepare that my readiness might not even be more than it is now. I trust God though to help me through. Just one more stroke and med school is over.


Just when I tot that God had abandoned me, GRACE showed up!Just when I tot that the night was taking forever, GRACE showed up and the day broke!Just when I tot that that sickness was gonna take my life, GRACE showed up and I became well!Just when I tot that that challenge was definitely gonna herald my end GRACE showed up and gave me a fresh page to start again!GRACE!GRACE!GRACE!This is a word I hold dear to my heart because indeed only the grace of God could have brought me to where I am today. #SHALOM!#IamSTAR!


MehnToday was argghhGreat I'm so excited Thank You Jesus

Travel with me...

If i will be your travel buddy... Where would you take me?

I Have a Question!

My question is a very simple one. Where does love go? I'm still always puzzled and amazed to see starry-eyed brides and grooms (who cannot wait to live and experience life together) become fiery-faced wives and husbands (who cannot wait to leave each other). I don't understand it. I just witnessed one at work and tears welled from my eyes. Maybe I'm being emotional about this...or I don't just understand the ways of the world. But really, where does love go?


Your decision against SIN is your MASTER DECISION in life,there has to be a decision before there can be a deliverance from any sinful acts.And the blood of Jesus is the covenant gateway.