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As the cock announces new day,may God announce new abundant blessing (Gen12:2) , Divine favour, promotion and good things in your life this week and beyound.Good moring and be lifted........

Soul winning

He that winneth souls is wise!

do something nice

Do good at least to one person everyday. It will help to build urself worth and confidence nd at d same time putting a smile on some one's face

keep smiling

A smile has a way of calming even the person luking at keep a smile always on ur face cus it goes a long way in healing people's pains.when one remembers ur smiles,a smile will automatically lite up d persons keep smiling u don't know how far it can go.


I am able to upload my picture


How can one really say he or she Loves God?


Happy SUNDAY to everyone. I believe that staying in God's presence is the most exciting and beneficial we can get on Sundays. Cheers

You were born with a purp

You were not born to be a failure You were not born to be a duplicate You were not born to be a mediocre You were not born to be a non entity You were not born to be a mess You were not born to be a disappointment But.. You were born to be a success You were born to be the original You were born to be a champion You were born to be somebody You were born to fulfill destiny You were born with a purpose


Gooooooooooood morning Fam... so I had to run all the way from Mars, fought some heavy lions, swam across some really deep seas, rode on a shining white horse tamed several beasts, literally I did a lot just to get here. No kidding I deserve a medal... Ok really this initiative really got me excited, the prospects of having a Christian dating site that's works and follows laid down rules, but see its always worth it when we members herein are committed to being honest, jovial but above all respect the ladies nd vice versa... With that bein…


Hello everyone,Its a great pleasure to meet you all.I am new,I pray this experience will be a great one for all of us and that God will gives everyone his desire.Am here to look ,find or make good God fearing friends.( male or female ).And who knows,I could find a serious God fearing lady for a serious relationship and thats exacitly what I am looking for,Thanks.


Helloooo--- Is there a way I could upload my picture, having difficulty doing so.

Hello New here and my pic

Am new on this forum and am having difficulty loading my pictures.. Can anyone help out


Hi hi, dis blog seems boring.... Let's make it happen naaaaa.........

Hello Eveyone

Hello everyone, I am new here.


Hi, everyone am new here, I pray to find a God fearing and loving man here.