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incredible God

Incredible God deserves INCREDIBLE PRAISE.

Prayer of Faith

Prayers requires Faith 2 deliver.(PS:44:3).No matter how small is ur,if u pray a sincere prayers, definitely u must get a result

Be a Dedicated Kingdom St

Only eligible Workers are entitled to be pay,If u are not been paid as a worker in God's Vineyard, that means u have not been working and u are not Productive (Heb:12:28).Remember, God does not blesses groups, He blesses individual.Good morning and Happy Sunday to u all.


please I'm here in search of a Christian that knows what it takes to love and is ready to be loved back. preferably a Yoruba lady with good cultural principles and knowledge about the way they live. a God fearing woman who is ready for marriage very soon. Thank you

U Are Precious in God's s

Never mistake ur condition for ur portion.Because What u believe is what u are empower to become.


Hello am new here beautiful people...

Join the Max Family

If you really want financial freedom and be your own boss, contact me for further clarification.


Whatever is happening in our lives,does not stop the World from going on.Therefore don't feel or think that your situation will END the WORLD.Take it God in Prayer.

A Zillion Shades of Gray

Life is unpredictable, it's always evolving and never stagnant. So, when you reach the end of a line, extend it and move ahead of the dead end because you have the power to create. Beat your fears to its game, let it lead you to the place of your destiny. Evolve and explore. ...with warm wishes...


SEEING BEFORE HANDLINGGod's pattern of dealing with Christians is by creating a picture of our future in our minds; without that picture conceived, there is no hope of making that future a reality. This helps the individual to keep focus and not to give up even when challenges come up along the way (which will)Abraham saw all the land that God was going to give him before he possessed it. He saw his son Isaac born long before he took physical delivery. No doubt he encountered challenges, but he saw the reality of every picture God showed h…


Always Acknowledged d hands of God in ur life.


Faith is design by God to Produce Result.


Hi everyone. Am new in this place and am in need of a relationship. I live in Port Harcourt. Let's hook up this my contact :08163425241. You can give me a call let's talk.


The grace we enjoy today do not come by the reason of our works or deed,,,,, it comes by the mercies of God. For by strength shall no man prevail,so each day you step out,,,,,,,, ask for God's mercies upon your life. DO HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!