Building Relationships.
Relationship is a state of being connected. People can be connected by blood, marriage, association, groups, interest, sports etc.
Yada in Hebrew means to know, to be informed about a person or thing etc
Ship is a suffix which means office, state, dignity, skill, quality and profession. You can add to anything you wish to praise or magnify.
Therefore it will be right for me to say, that relationship is that skill, profession, quality or state that keeps people connected either by blood or marriage or acquaintance.
Just like art, skills or sports, one needs knowledge to excel at keeping relationships.
You don't just become a doctor for the mere fact that you watch doctors in some sitcom or wish or pray to become one, you work at becoming one by going through the educational processes and practicals. To build great relationships you need knowledge on how to, practicals on doing and acting out what you have learnt, we all want great relationships with siblings and spouses but only few are willing to learn, study and understand the temperaments of their loved ones, how best to understand why they think and act the way they do, why the mood swings? Why don't they just act like I want them to? What drives them? What are their fears? What role do I play in compounding their problem? How can I be of great support? Etc.
Relationship is a profession for the ready mind, willing to learn, relearn and improve at connectivity, in marriage it becomes a profession of learning how best to give and deliver your partners needs.
For the men, its that skill that enables you give attention, support both morally, emotionally, financially etc to your woman. It is that profession that enables you guard and guide your woman to her better self, making her more beautiful, presentable and better positioned for success. It is that quality that makes you capable of trusting and believing in your woman at all time. It is that state of choosing to love your woman irrespective of her weakness knowing that you are dignified by your enablement to prune thereby making her weaknesses into a strength. It is taking 100% responsibility by going out to work, work hard, smart and sharp to take care of her needs and this is no Childs play.
For the women, it is that unique ability to bend in submission to the one you love who has proven to be a man by walking you down the aisle (marriage). ( not sending you to slave for oshofree brothers/papas o)
It is that state of recognising boundaries, letting his phone be his, when to zip the mouth, ability to control your tone when correcting oga, what to say and not to say. (real career o, learn it day in, day graduation here o)
It is that quality that enables you pray, plan and intercede for the family, ensuring that they are covered from the various negatives and evil influence of the day and night...Proverbs 31 woman. (real work, not child's play)
Talking of planning, here you need a bit of frugality... Know what to buy, when to buy and how to buy.
It is that office that has mastered the act of delayed gratification, for you can not afford to put all eggs in one basket, the woman here needs know how to use her instinct to the advantage of the home/ partner, never against the ones your are to shield.... Hence your absolute trust is to be put on God the creator the founder of this great profession. All earthly qualification won't do it for you ma'm. You need baba God!!!
It is that skill that enables you multitask in joy and pleasure, making what seems difficult fun, for if not, the job will wear you out making you haggard and clumsy that way you unknowingly begin to destroy your self confidence.
So you see, the relationships between husband and wife is not about butterflies, not about lovey dovey, sweets and chocolates, trips round the world, chauffeur driven BMWs..wink or the first classes. It is a call to serve, a call to be responsible, a call to be dedicated, a call to be faithful and loyal, a call to improve, become better, become wise, become matured and become concerned.
You can only succeed in your relationships when you realise just like the sun, you are not about you but about the others in that ship with you, the more light you shine on them the more they reflect back to you. Lets stop wanting others to give to us what we aren't ready to give to them. Responsibility starts with us(you and I ). What you give... Is what you get back. Hmmmm, because your spouse can't give what they don't have. Therefore before you go about putting down anyone you are in a relationship with.... Think deeply about what you have given....
Some give plenty of money accompanied with infidelity = insecurity and doubt...
Some give pretence and great fun = lies and resentment...
Some give spirituality and bad character = anger and guilt...
Check the mixture you are giving, if one thing isn't right, make amends and begin to give that which is right, fair and true.
We are all guilty of one form of imperfection or another.