The whole world is governed by what is written in the physical and spiritually and what's is written is the assurance for our victory only the weak minded would be ignorant of it...The word of God settles all situations of life,its the camp blazing fire around us in which the angels gathers to manifest their works...The Herbalist uses incantation to function in the dark realm, the Christians are expected to use God's word always as the light that shines in the darkness and in all situations.PS 119 v 130 say the entrance of God's word giveth light...The word is light unto my path..PS 119v105. The word of God is light in all dark situations.. Its written in the beginning darkness was upon the face of the earth and God said let there be light..Hallelujah.. John 1v5 the light shines in darkness and the darkness has not overcome word is our light in all situations. Peace!