No, its not the fact that we commit sin that makes us a sinner we are a sinner.. That's why we sin, not d fact dat d person is an adulterer or a thief, or a cheat or a liar that makes him immoral, No! Man is born with a condition in his human nature.. A factory inside him that causes him to act contrary to God, that old nature causes a man to sin, "knw dat there is nothing good in me that is in my fresh" Paul said dat in Romans 7, now it doesn't matter who you are what you have done and when you come from, bcos jesus came for d purpose of taking upon himself every sins we have ever committed, or even ever commit, Jesus is our answer. He is the only one who can straighten the whole mess out, He get right to the root of problem, he changes the factory inside us that makes us sin, Yes that's what He does, He died and rose again to live His life inside us. Thank you Lord.