There are so many virtues in Christendom and as well many societally accepted norms but non would make any impact if this ingredient am going to talk about is not there. It has marked the life of so many men that has been used by God and and also the life of prominent men in our world is enriched by it.
You know Daniel from the bible. Kai! I love that man. I can't forget what Darius said about him when a plot to eliminate him was hatched by wicked men. He said "Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver you". The absoluteness of his conviction on the manner of dedication Daniel has for His God cannot be staggered.

What we have today in our various life facet is strong today and weak tomorrow. It's not so hard to decide on something but to follow it "continually" that's where the problem lies.

If i were to Change a great habit in my life that is limiting my relationship with God I would first build another habit that fosters my relationship with him. In that way the light will definitely drive out the darkness but fighting darkness with nothing cannot bring victory.

Continual followership breaks the chain of sin and trouble in the life of a child of God. That was Daniels secret he prayed 3 times a day. You can pick up that challenge and watch your whole life transform.

Have a great day pals.