1.) Learn to Understand each other Uniqueness and weakness because u both are from a different family, homes and background. Magnify each other's strength and bring out the BEST in each other.(Gen:2:18).

(2.) Finance Management:- Learn to manage the resources of the home and the money widely. (1st Tim :5:8).

(3.) Bedroom subject:- Understand your partner's desires and satisfied each other.Both of u should make yourself attractive,D wife should learn to wear sexually attractive clothes that will move d husband and seduce him to have with his wife.

(4.) Cleanliness:- The woman should how to keep d home clean and neat. Put good Air Freshener all over the house that will attract your partner happiness to return home after work.

(5.) Right Treatment:- The man should learn how to treat his wife right and well so dt she can be submissive to him.
=> In every man there's a KING. And in every Woman there's a ROSE.