It was a bright Sunday morning at the children's church,Parents are coming in to register and drop off their children. Service was about 45mins gone when my baby came up to me that she wants to wee and I promptly took her hands and we walked down to the toilet together. They are still potty-trained so their potties were all lined up at the entrance of the toilet. I already rolled up her clothe and pull down her pants when I heard a voice "aunty T happy Sunday how was your week" and I turned back to give my courteous response and a smile" I bet all this wasn't up to 5minutes only for me to face my assignment and find my baby to have wee-ed on her body. I felt so angry with Myself for that mistake cause I felt like it could have been worse than that. I had to clean up my baby, spread the clothe while praying for a wonder sun to dry it up at 8:00am (smiling). I determined to keep watch for her guardian and the rest is history.
Now for what it's worth, I started the assignment well but I didn't finish well. I could have shun the distraction and finish with my baby to avoid paying that extra price I paid.
Same way the year is far spent many plans have been set in motion, some are actually executed like bagging that professional certificate, Intl job position, new home and relationships but there remaineth a rest. And peradventure nothing is showing or looking possible I want you to determine to FINISH STRONG. Intensify that prayer, kingdom service, effort , never give up keep believing, shun distraction, discouragements. Heb 11:6 " God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.
Determine not just to finish but to FINISH STRONG
I believe in you. Thanks