One of the fundamental right of a Nigerian citizen is freedom of religion. But with the recent events that is happening in our country today the question now is do we still enjoy this right as a citizen? Since the Muslim brethren in some part from the North has decided to take law into their own hands by denying the Christian this right, the Federal government did not take any action concerning this. A Redeemed Church member was ****** during her morning evangelization another similar case of a Deeper life member occurred too. Another one that happened is The one they went to Catholic church to destroy everything inside the church claiming they don't have right to worship on Fridays. These are people that just finish saying their Jumat prayer. What is their own religion teaching them? Violence? And Federal Govt did not condemn this drastic act. For how long will the Christian continue to remain calm while they are being slain by these " beasts " I think something needs to be done urgently