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The mistake many ladies make is looking for a God fearing man rather than a God loving man. There is a huge difference. Fear is a product of resentment to punishment, but love... well, love is the beginning and end of all things. If I truly love you I can't have enough of your presence. But if I fear you, I cant wait to get rid of your influence. If I love you, I will die for you but if I fear you, I will run from you. To fear God is to seek not to displease Him, but to love God is to seek to please Him always. FIND HIM THAT TRULY LOVES GO…


How long will this take? When will this end? This sweet, yet painful longing that tears at my heart and threatens to consume my essence. This longing of having my arms wrapped around you and whispering sweet nothing so meaningful so deep. The pouring of my heart like water from a cistern. So pure so sweet so very like me. All this longing out of waiting. Waiting for you to come into my life and make me full and loved again.We meet, we love, we live and then we die. What we leave behind are memories of time we shared together.


Time goes bye when you play with time, but time goes bye fast when you run against time. So much to do in life yet so little time. Endeavour to express the depth of your love to someone you care about today for after all has been said and done we remain incomplete without our missing rib or our missing body.Love is kind.Love is gentleLove is forgivingLove does not envyLove is not easily offendedLove does not keep records of wrongLove looks out for the wellbeing of others.Thank you for reading this.... Please share with me, what is love and what…


Many men end up in a failed marriage because they are weary of the task of unearthing the gold buried in the woman. This task can take a lifetime, but the joy of it all is that with each uncovering comes great joy and the hope of greater joy in days to come. Stay with your woman. Adam stayed with Eve despite the serpent's deception.

Sustaining Relationships

Your wife may be the most unattractive woman to the world but to you she must be the only attractive woman in the whole wide world. Remember she draws the strength to face the world from your love.Your husband may not qualify to be a sidekick let alone a superhero but to you he must be the only hero in your universe and you his sidekick. He draws his strength from your respect.When it truly comes down to it, all you have is each other.I pray for your relationship to blossom, flourish and be successful in Jesus name.