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The Power of Praying in Tongues

When you Pray in tongues, it is your spirit by the Holy Spirit within you praying. You do the talking; He gives the Utterance.

Proverbs: 18:21(Part 2)

There is no subject in the Bible that we should take any more seriously than "OUR MOUTH". It can be used to bring Blessings or Destruction not only to our own lives, but to the lives of many others.(Proverbs: 18:21)


Success is not as a result of what u have . Bt rather as a result of WHO U HAVE

Proverbs: 18:21

Be careful of what u say in the period of crisis,because what u SAY is what u SEE


*Truth is Timeless *Truth is Interest * Truth is Constant *Truth cannot be Upgraded neither can Truth be Downgraded.*Truth cannot Grow,we can only Grow in the Knowledge of the Truth. *Truth cannot be Develop,we can only Develop our Understanding of the Truth,if therefore the Word of God is Truth,then the Truth of Scriptures must be Timeless, Ageless and Constant. *There is no New Gene rational,there is no Old Fashion Truth, Truth is Trans-Generational.*We cannot do anything against the Truth but for the Truth * Truth is Truth take it or Leave i…


*Lord by your WORD,5 loaves feed 5,000.*Lord by your WORD, Sarah could Conceived.*Lord by your WORD, Peter walk upon water.*Lord by your WORD, Lazarus rose from the grave.*Lord by your WORD,Blind men received their sights.*Lord by your WORD, The Red Sea was divided.*Your WORD is TRUE!!!!! *Your WORD is POWERFUL!!!!*Your WORD is So REAL!!!!!!


There are things we hear ,read, study and preach,but yet to SEE. And until we SEE it,it cannot be delivered into our hands. You can doubt what you read,hear, but you can NOT doubt What you SEE. (Isaiah: 1:11-12)


There is no attempt to walk with God that faith is not required. (ROM:14:17).Every wonder of God is provoked through faith. The summary of every man's life is the level of his faith (Mat: 9:29). Faith is not automatic,Faith must be built to Grow.You can't fake Faith, Faith is genuine connection with.


* To espoused yourself to Christ , you need to make yourself WORD DEPENDENT.* The WORD will only be understood and maximize through meditaion * You need to learn and master meditation personally.Your pastor must not be your SOURCE, if they are and they depart you will be stranded .


Real bible faith has to receive and believe God according to the scriptures Heb11:6) .You don’t have to see or feel or believe with your 5 senses that it is true. it is the truth because it is written in the scriptures.(John10:35)* THE WORD IS ETERNALLY TRUE (JOHN17:17, PS119:89,1PET1:23)* The word of GOD is our spiritual mirror given to us by God to be able to see into the reality of the spirit realm where God exists and has established all that he has given us believers. (2Cor3:18, Jas1:22-25)


*Faith is d substance of our of redemption,It is d very substance of our spiritual life. (Heb:11:1). *Faith is putting God's word to work believing. (John:9:7).*There's nothing that moves God,but d simple obedience of Faith..*Faith is not waiting for God to work, Faith is putting God's word to work.* Faith is been fully persuaded of d Truth, d prevailing substance not withstanding until d Truth Triumph


As u grow in grace,never let it cross ur mind that u are d sponsor of God. No human has d Capacity to help God

Proverbs: 18:21

Don't live ur life by chance, or u die by chance .Mind what u say

Level of Faith

There are different levels of faith, which imply various depths of understanding. Outstanding faith is a product of good understanding of scriptures. To develop your faith, therefore, you must grow in understanding, because when understanding come, faith is automatic


God created u with great talents. So why looking for money,when u are full of money? Areas where money is located in U:-1.) Your MOUTH: (Singing,Comedian,Multivational Speaker).E.g: Sinach,Nathiel Basset, AY comedian,Ali baba. They are making could use of their mouth.2.) Your HANDS: (Creativity ,Artists, Hair stylist).3.) Your LEGS: (Dancing, Nollyhood) .So why complaining that there's NO MONEY?