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Do you want to join Sexynaija? If you're looking for a dating site in Nigeria, where you can connect with someone in or from Nigeria, Sexynaija would have been a good option because many of its members live in Nigeria. However, chatting with someone is a bit difficult because the website appears to be down.

We attempted to upgrade using several browsers but we were unsuccessful. Simply put, the upgrade and pricing page did not load at all. We attempted to load the FAQ page in order to get some answers but received an error message. This is a significant issue because it prevents us from fully participating on the site, rendering it somewhat ineffective.

So from our investigations, has been shut down.

Sexynaija was shut down, a few years ago. You can no longer access that website. "Sexynaija" used to be a Nigerian dating website in the Personals category. It used to be one of the most popular online dating sites in Nigeria. It was very simple creating a profile, browsing potential matches, sending them a few messages, and then arranging to meet for a date.

Well, If you are still looking for a dating site/app in Nigeria, sign up with NCS, it's a great dating site for Nigerians.

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Sexynaija was open to everyone. It was founded in 2005 and is now more than 17 years old. The site's homepage does not include any inappropriate images. This website uses industry-standard dating tools. While other dating sites may appear to be similar, they are simply using the same tools; each of these sites has its own database of user profiles.

Sexynaija being shut down was really disappointing because SexyNaija had a lot of promise for growth. Signing up was quick and simple, though you must include a picture and verify your account and click a link in an email. Nonetheless, they did not request any overly private info or credit card info. You can add several photos to your profile to show off your skills, and discovering members is simple.

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