Here are some tips for you to be successful with your affiliate link.

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Now you have gotten your affiliate referral link.

How Do You Start Making Money From It?

To start earning money from your link, YOU NEED TO BE CREATIVE. Write a short story, an article, or a review about tell stories, for example:

Title: Christian dating sites in Nigeria are doing great things for singles.

I just signed up 2 weeks ago on "Nigerian Christian Singles" I met someone very special to me... and we are very happy together. Well, I just wanted to share this good news with whoever might be single and searching, he or she could make use of this wonderful dating site << Then paste your link here >>

Please remember to rewrite it in your own words, this is just an example to give you the idea. Do not just copy and paste anywhere. It will become a duplicate, not good.


Find a public Facebook group that is talking about dating, singles, relationships, or Christianity in Nigeria, that has a large number of Nigerian followers to join. Then start sharing your stories there or create your own Facebook group or WhatsApp group and start promoting it to have many followers.

Please DO NOT ABUSE YOUR LINK or HOW YOU POST IT. Be respectful in the groups you join and do not post too often, twice a week is enough.

Do not paste your link on any websites or social media comment boxes, that is comment spamming is against our policy, and do not paste it on any gambling, or pornographic site either. If your link is detected on any of these prohibited websites, you will be banned from this program immediately.


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The secret to success is constancy of purpose.- Benjamin Disraeli.

Please do not be alarmed when you paste your affiliate referral link on social media sites, and see something that looks like the above. Don't worry, it's still your unique affiliate referral link that generated it, the whole area will be clickable and the commission will still be assigned to you.

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