Online Dating Safety Tips

Use These Guidelines As You Look For ''The One''

Move Slowly on Sharing your Personal Information
Only give out your (Phone Number) and your personal information when your instincts tell you that your match is someone you can trust.

Keep The Conversation Within Your Computer
Don't take anything further than your Computer or smartphone till you feel at ease to meet or give out your personal information.

No Contact Information
By no means should you place your contact information and facts about yourself on your profile e.g., (adding your telephone numbers, BBM pin, residence addresses or email addresses) On your profile page.

Ask Many Questions
Ask a lot of questions and watch for a prospective response inconsistencies.

Long Distance
If someone offers you a phone Number with a strange location code, verify it to be sure is not a (charge Number) before you call them.

No should be No
Avoid members who won't take no for an answer, or pressure you for any type of private Facts.

Never Send Money To Someone
Under no circumstances should you send your hard earn Money to a person you meet online or on a dating site, be it in Nigeria or Abroad. See: Online Dating Scammers Tricks

Report Scammers
If an individual asks you to send him/her Money for whatever purpose, don't do it is a scam. Alternatively, report that person to us immediately.

Use Your Profile for Anonymity

Hold the communication with your new Christian single matches on this site, by utilizing Nigerian Christian Single's communication tools (like email, as well as the message boards), you can secure your anonymity as long as you want, and be in control of the level in which the connection is going till you are ready for the next step. By so doing we may be able to provide assistance to maintain your protection by keeping tabs on all members for any questionable online activity. if someone is disturbing other members, or asking for funds/Money as long as the activity is reported, we can investigate and catch that activity while it's still on our website at ( and take away the profile in question or Delete it. Note - Once you start talking Outside of, our team will be limited in the ways we can provide help for you.

Going On a First Date: Meet In Public
Meet in a public spot and make sure you provide your own personal transportation to and from the date.

Be Smarts
Using your own excellent judgment is your very best bet simply because at the end of the day you are responsible for your private dating experience. Trust your instincts and then have fun with the appropriate men or women!

Tell a Friend of Yours
When going out for your first date, tell a friend of yours exactly where you are going and ask them to check on you later.

Our Commitment to your Security And Ongoing Improvement: may be the top online dating platform for Christian singles to connect. We care deeply about our members. In fact, your safety and security are our major priority. For this reason, we take precautions to enhance the safety and privacy of our community by implementing many automated tools to identify questionable profiles and always working to eliminate fraudulent activity in our communities.

Getting profile review manually critique all profile text and pictures submitted by members
However, when it comes to dating online, singles should really apply the same normal dating precautions they would if meeting an individual by a friend recommendation meeting someone in your workplace, or at a bar. The most ideal thing to remember is Trust your instincts and use your common sense!

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