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Today is exactly the middle of Year 2016. We have completed 183 days and we still have 183 days to go. So, have"A happy half year, hope 2 see u @ d end of the remaining 183." Hope I am the first to send you this unique wish !:* Send this to all ur contacts if u wish to see them next year!


Please whatever you do, remember ETERNITY. Live with ETERNITY in view,because the judgment day is coming where you will give ACCOUNT of each and everything.

God is faithful

Just want to thank God for his loving kindness over my life n destiny,thanking him for the gift of life n making me to know the power of his might!!! I say may his name continually to be praise ijn

Positive Speech.

There is power in d words we say. Careless as it may seem, it still have d power to make or Mar a life. If we really understand the power in words, we'll mind the things we say and change the way we talk. Lesson 4 today. Speak Positively to dat challenge.

The Power of Confession

Feelings of guilt and condemnation are a huge problem in the Church, but I want you to understand that’s what they are—feelings. If you really know God's Word, no matter how you feel, you can speak scriptures over your life and pretty soon your feelings have lost their authority. For instance, 1 John 1:9 says that if we repent and confess our sins, God is faithful to forgive us. You need to take hold of that. The next time you ask God to forgive you and then feel guilty afterward, open your mouth and say, "God forgave me." Quote…


i pray that this week will be a better and more prosperous week than the previous ones. And for us that will carry out our duties in our various work 2mao, may God bless the work of our hand and make us to prosper. And for those seeking for a job, this week will be favourable for u all in Jesus name. Gud 9t and swt dreams to u all

U are Guilty

Some people says wrong words about people due to a slight mistake they did,they forgot that they too are guilty. Because you come across a 419 ,that doesn't mean everyone is 419. Because you date the wrong guy or lady,that doesn't mean every guy or lady are the same. Some people quickly jump into conclusion and condemn social media sites because of what they experience. They end up saying its a Scam.Main while they too are scam. How can a guy or lady who is searching for a soulmate will put wrong details about them in their profile an…


Hi. I'm new here and wish to meet interesting people. Have a splendid weekend.

Be Successful

A Successful Woman is one who can build a Firm Foundation with d Bricks others have thrown at her. Goodmorning


Bankers are expected to declare their assets within 14 days. This also include the contract staff, tea girls/boys, securities, technicians, cleaners. The question now is what does somebody who earns less than #20,000 has to declare?

incredible God

Incredible God deserves INCREDIBLE PRAISE.

Prayer of Faith

Prayers requires Faith 2 deliver.(PS:44:3). No matter how small is ur,if u pray a sincere prayers, definitely u must get a result

Be a Dedicated Kingdom Stewardship

Only eligible Workers are entitled to be pay,If u are not been paid as a worker in God's Vineyard, that means u have not been working and u are not Productive (Heb:12:28).Remember, God does not blesses groups, He blesses individual. Good morning and Happy Sunday to u all.


please I'm here in search of a Christian that knows what it takes to love and is ready to be loved back. preferably a Yoruba lady with good cultural principles and knowledge about the way they live. a God fearing woman who is ready for marriage very soon. Thank you