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Hi everyone. I'm new here. i need you to hold my hand. Thankyou.

Dare to be different

Don't waste your time proving anyone wrong for the hurt they have caused you. Don't bother wishing them evil, it's part of their makeup, so it might not hurt. Just stay happy and show love, they can't stand your happiness. If anyone wants you dead, don't waste your time, explaining to the world. Just stay alive. It will kill them. Don't waste your time, hoping that someone who proclaimed you a failure should fail instead of you. That will be a big waste. Just succeed, they won't want to live to see you there.…


God set up Relationship just to help us get to our next level in life.People are in our lives for either for a 'Reason' ,'Season' or for a 'Life time'. Therefore watch those who u come around u if they are for a Reason, Season or Lifetime.

Marry Him

If you are a believer,heavily anointed,will you marry a nominal Christian? Pls,someone needs an answer.

This Thing Called LOVE

Love the Lord your God, and love one another. Love one another as he loves. Love with strength and purpose and passion and no matter what comes against you. Don't weaken. Stand against the darkness and love. That's the way back into Eden. That's the way back to life.


Matt:7:7-8,Jer:33:3) *The approach we take to prayer determine wat we get as result. *Heb:10:35,We are to come boldly to d throne of grace & nt to come begging.(Heb:10:22).*Prayer is nt a religious exercise.*Bold approach on d altar of prayer,turns things around. (James: 5:17-18)(Mat:16:18-18).Boldness in prayer gives us command at d Mercy of Heaven *Boldness enables u to be a part-taker of ur Possession. (Mat:11:12)(Obad:1:17)*Boldness is nt of d face,but of d Heart. That's why it takes a bold Heart to take a bold Step of Faith.(Luk:1…


Don't let the shadows of yesterday block out the sun from today.

Be positive about life

It might take all your time and energy to climb the ladder of success, but when you eventually get to the top...the view is amazing.


Faith is not cheap talk,Faith is hard work (Heb:4:12). U need to work on Ur Faith, before U can command the Supernatural.

The POWER of the Tongue

*Ur tongue is d power that triggers ur Supernatural (Isaiah:53:8). * Whatever u say is what delivers to u(Ecc:5:6). * Negative declaration is permitted to manifest in ur life take or leave it. * Mind what u say ,bcos U shall what soever u say.


I thank the almighty God for making this week to be a successful week, i thank him for unmerited favour and blessings which he showered to me throughout, may his name be highly praised now and forever. TGIF

Be a Value added person

Whoever comes your way in life is not by chance but by design. Try everything possible to add value to the person's life. But where that is so difficult for you to do and a you have to leave the person alone, then my advice is that do not leave the person worse than you met him or her. If you cant add value then leave the person the way you met him or her. By so doing, God will not hold you responsible otherwise.......

Jus my quote

U learn to love someone wen u find wat makes them smyl, but u can nvr truly luv some1, until u knw wat makes dem cry....

God is love

God is my love cox he first show me love and sacrifices his only begotten son to the world as a symbol of his LOVE according to john 3:16!!! appreciate his love more thank you my great master and lover praise to yr name forever amen!!!!


Today is exactly the middle of Year 2016. We have completed 183 days and we still have 183 days to go. So, have"A happy half year, hope 2 see u @ d end of the remaining 183." Hope I am the first to send you this unique wish !:* Send this to all ur contacts if u wish to see them next year!