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Know your circle

Make sure everybody in your boat is rowing & not drilling holes when you're not looking.

Spiritual but not religious

When I was singing up on this site, I saw " spiritual but not religious". I laughed so hard that my bestie (who signed me up) was pissed... Like say the admins kuku know say I no gbadu religious people... Don't get me wrong, I love God to pieces and would do everything for Him... But being religious is a big NO for me... So religious people be guided... Thumbs up admin


If you are tired of feeling insignificant, if you are tired of feeling invisible in a crowd, it is time to receive Jesus’ He is offering you a New Life. It begins with a simple prayer like this: "Dear Jesus, I am sorry for the wrong things I have done. I am tired of feeling insignificant. Please become the Lord of my life. . I want to have a good relationship with you. Thank you for seeing value in me and help me to see my self through Your eyes. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen!” You can now feel treasured by God,Welcome on Board


Every genuinely Soul Hunter will end up a STAR (Dan:12v3)


Matt:7:7-8,Jer:33:3) (1.) The approach we take to prayer determine wat we get as result. (2.) We are to come boldly to d throne of grace & nt to come begging.(Heb:10:22).*Prayer is nt a religious exercise.*Bold approach on d altar of prayer,turns things around. (James: 5:17-18)(Mat:16:18-18).Boldness in prayer gives us command at d Mercy of Heaven *Boldness enables u to take ur part of Possession. (Mat:11:12)(Obad:1:17)*Boldness is nt of d face,but of d Heart. That's why it takes a bold Heart to take a bold Step of Faith.(Luk:18:5)*It…

The real me

Just wish you can take me as i am

AM TIRED OF YOU -the antichrist

I wonder what a world we live in. Only Christians are wanted on this site, but, satanists and Antichrists are all over the places. That is how they take over every area of life to abuse and contaminate it. They do not know where they belong. What a boring people! Please, if you are a TRUE christian, let me know -for a GOD kind of relationship. Let us get talking -by their fruit, you shall know them. This site is for people like US.


O - OPEN REWARDS - MATTHEW 6:6 C - CASE CLOSED - EZEKIEL 21:27 T - TOTAL TRIUMPH - 2 CORINTHIANS 2:14 O - OVERWHELMING TESTIMONIES - LUKE 21:13 B - BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE - GENESIS 22:17 E - EXEMPTION FROM ALL EVIL - PSALM 91:7,10 R - REST ROUND ABOUT - 2 CHRONICLES 15:15 (Numbers - 6 : 24 - 26 - (ESV) 24 The LORD will bless you and keep you; 25 The LORD will make his face shine always upon you and will be very gracious to you- 26 and the LORD will show his countenance - upon you and He will always give you peace. HAPPY NEW MONTH... HAPPY INDEP…


"Don't cry when the sun is gone,because the tears won't let you see the stars."

Marriage is a Good Thing

Every thing that God ordained is good.Marriage is a good thing (Gen:2:18)

What a Perfect Date and Month

*Unbelievable* *Yesterday was 9/9/2016* *Date —9* *Month —9* *Year 2+0+1+6= 9* *Total....27* *2+7 = 9.* The 9th Month in Hebrew Calendar is called KISLEV which means SECURITY and TRUST The 9th Month in British Calendar is called SEPTEMBER With 9 Letters What an EXTRA-ORDINARY and UNIQUE Month for all. The Month When God Unleashed His Word to MEN OF OLD Unique is its Expression, Calculation and Wholesomeness Check Out Why? 9x1 = 9 9x2 = 18 i.e. 1+8 = 9 9x3 = 27 i.e. 2+7= 9 9x4 = 36 i.e. 3+6= 9 9x5 = 45 i.e. 4+5=9 9x6 = 54 i.e. 5+4=9 9x7 = 63 i.e…


I am on this site to find love, but I strongly appreciate and would love to meet matured adults between 54 - 58 years old. I am not rude or snobbish, but just been direct. Apologies !!!

September to remember.

The month king will need the God's gift in me to solve problems at the palace.

God fearing girl/man

I love who I am.I love speaking truth,am a ambassador of Christ.I love swimming.

Lean on

Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Do what's right and cast all ur cares on HIM