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My case is different

Do u really know ur case is different? If you believe shout it so ur enemies will stay clear from u bcos they can't hinder u from moving from glory to glory.


In our day to day life,we should always have the appetite for testimonies,room for excuses should not be given when life bring bad report...

Learn to Laugh

Find something that makes you laugh today. Make a conscious effort to release your joy. Laughter accelerates the healing process when your body is sick.Pro 17:22 "A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones".

New month tidings

Happy new month beautiful people... God blessings all the way


God is relational hence everything He does, is done via the vehicle of relationship. Relationships are God's ideas of reaching forth to His people, it is also God's tool of establishing His beloveds in life generally, cutting accross all areas of life such as Ministry, Family, Finance, Academics etc. Relationships are precious seeds sown in the lives of others with a compulsory harvest.Never treat any relationship lightly because every relationship has a potential to increase or decrease an individual and all involved. Just to inform…


Being together should never feel like one person or both people in a relationship are alone. If you are not giving your all in letting a person know that your love for them is real, you are only opening the door for the enemy and outsider to enter. Confirm by affirming with your action that it is real. Love is an action word!!! happy Sunday people. Great week ahead.


Listen, anyone can make her a girlfriend or a mom But It takes a man of vision to see that she deserve to be a wife. Set your priorities right.#emyspeaks


It's a blessing to be with someone that you can totally be yourself 100% of the time...if you have that, cherish it! Real People are hard to find nowadays!Good morning#emyspeaks


Every genuine lover of God is Ordained for EXPLOIT (2Cor:2:9)


A great relationship (frienship,love-ship,marriage-ship, whatever the ship) is about two things1. Appreciating the. Similarities2. Respecting the differences.So if it isn't making you better, it is probably not love. True love makes you more, not less of who you are. Enjoy your day#emyspeaks


Tomorrow will be fine, so don't let your worries take away the beauty of today! Enjoy your day!#emyspeaks

Make the best of where you are

Just because you weren't invited to the party, doesn't mean you can't dance at home! Make the best of where you are. Enjoy your day.#emyspeaks


For one to value need to first value yourself...and remember to be happy because happiness brings happy people around you

Pls be careful!!!

This is a christian dating site and i dont know why many fake humans are here.Why should a lady or guy create multiple accounts here if not the simple reason of committing crime.Before I thought cyber crime was only perpetrated by guys but now what i have seen on this site tells that ladies are perpetrators.I knw a lady that has multiple accounts with different monikerGuys beware, soon i will put her name up>

Beware of him. Hes a scammer

Alolabi Akindeinde is a big scammer, fraudster, thief. Ladies please beware of him. Dont fall victim