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I Have a Question!

My question is a very simple one. Where does love go? I'm still always puzzled and amazed to see starry-eyed brides and grooms (who cannot wait to live and experience life together) become fiery-faced wives and husbands (who cannot wait to leave each other). I don't understand it. I just witnessed one at work and tears welled from my eyes. Maybe I'm being emotional about this...or I don't just understand the ways of the world. But really, where does love go?

Good Morning

*G* Get up. *O* Open ur heart. *O* Open ur mind. *D* Dedicate ur day to God. *M* Meditate. *O* Optimise ur Resources *R* Rebuke all Negative Thoughts. *N* Never Underestimate ur Potential. *I* Inspire Someone. *N* Never lose Faith. *G* Go out with Joy and Confidence.


*FUNERAL ANNOUNCEMENT* Hello Everyone . It is with our deepest heartfelt sympathy I want to inform u about the death of our beloved friend and well known Mr 2016 , he survived by 12 wives, 52 children and 365 grand children. *funeral will take place on Saturday 31st December at 23 59 hrs*, for more information contact pastor January on phone number 01 01 2017. However, his family members asked me to inform you that he accidentally died with *ALL your problems, sickness, disappointment, frustration, untimely death, shame, disgrace, barrenness, d…


Your decision against SIN is your MASTER DECISION in life,there has to be a decision before there can be a deliverance from any sinful acts.And the blood of Jesus is the covenant gateway.

Merry Christmas

As you celebrate the miracle of this special season, may your heart be filled with joy and peace. May these holiday blessings linger in your home and stay with you throughout the year.

The reason

Have memorable and joyous Christmas by thinking of the reason for the season to read John 1 and 2 Peter 2.


Those who make News don't watch news.And U don't make noise to make NEWS. U make appropriate News of OBEDIENCE to make NOISE that will shake the world.


Good evening brothers & sisters,pls I just want to chep in dis we should pls stop using the word Xmas, there is nothing like, is just a way of taken off the name Christ,we all knw what Christ means, so pls if you are wishing anyone happy Christmas let it be spelt fully & d correct way. Thank you. Am I making any sense to u? In mathematics, X is the value of the unknown, hence we look for X. When we say Xmas, we are devaluing Jesus the One without whom there is no Christmas. Lets not get deluded...Jesus is the reason for the season. Do n…




1.) Learn to Understand each other Uniqueness and weakness because u both are from a different family, homes and background. Magnify each other's strength and bring out the BEST in each other.(Gen:2:18). (2.) Finance Management:- Learn to manage the resources of the home and the money widely. (1st Tim :5:8). (3.) Bedroom subject:- Understand ur partner's sexual desires and satisfied each other.Both of u should make urself attractive,D wife should learn to wear sexually attractive clothes dt will move d husband and seduce him to have w…


IST GOWN:- Primary 6 graduationGown 2ND GOWN:- Matriculation Gown 3RD GOWN:- Convocation Gown 4TH GOWN:- Wedding Gown 5TH GOWN:- Maternity Gown

Come to me

Walking through a dream I see you My light and darkness breathing hope of new life Now I live through you and you through me You enchant me I pray you come to me soon


If any of you lack wisdom, he sholud ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him... james 1:5