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*Lord by your WORD,5 loaves feed 5,000.*Lord by your WORD, Sarah could Conceived.*Lord by your WORD, Peter walk upon water.*Lord by your WORD, Lazarus rose from the grave.*Lord by your WORD,Blind men received their sights.*Lord by your WORD, The Red Sea was divided.*Your WORD is TRUE!!!!! *Your WORD is POWERFUL!!!!*Your WORD is So REAL!!!!!!


There are things we hear ,read, study and preach,but yet to SEE. And until we SEE it,it cannot be delivered into our hands. You can doubt what you read,hear, but you can NOT doubt What you SEE. (Isaiah: 1:11-12)


How FAST CAN YOU SELL YOUR MARKET?Please note that online dating requires a high sense of maturity, patience, friendliness and interactiveness.We should expect that, not all of us are at the same level of maturity, so one should expect anything from anybody. Once you get a wrong feeler from anyone. ,Just give an excuse for that person and MOVE ON.YOU CANT EXPECT EVERYBODY TO BE LIKE YOU OR RELATES AT YOUR LEVEL OF MATURITY.REMEMBER ONLINE DATING IS LIKE ONLINE SHOPPING, ITS VIRTUAL , NOT SO REAL.SO your DUE DILIGENCE IS NECESSARY BEFORE COMMITT…


There is no attempt to walk with God that faith is not required. (ROM:14:17).Every wonder of God is provoked through faith. The summary of every man's life is the level of his faith (Mat: 9:29). Faith is not automatic,Faith must be built to Grow.You can't fake Faith, Faith is genuine connection with.


* To espoused yourself to Christ , you need to make yourself WORD DEPENDENT.* The WORD will only be understood and maximize through meditaion * You need to learn and master meditation personally.Your pastor must not be your SOURCE, if they are and they depart you will be stranded .


Real bible faith has to receive and believe God according to the scriptures Heb11:6) .You don’t have to see or feel or believe with your 5 senses that it is true. it is the truth because it is written in the scriptures.(John10:35)* THE WORD IS ETERNALLY TRUE (JOHN17:17, PS119:89,1PET1:23)* The word of GOD is our spiritual mirror given to us by God to be able to see into the reality of the spirit realm where God exists and has established all that he has given us believers. (2Cor3:18, Jas1:22-25)

The word of God is light..

The whole world is governed by what is written in the physical and spiritually and what's is written is the assurance for our victory only the weak minded would be ignorant of it...The word of God settles all situations of life,its the camp blazing fire around us in which the angels gathers to manifest their works...The Herbalist uses incantation to function in the dark realm, the Christians are expected to use God's word always as the light that shines in the darkness and in all situations.PS 119 v 130 say the entrance of God's…


The second rule of relationship is; THOU SHALL GET A LIFEHaving discovered yourself, meaning you have done the SWOT Analysis of thyself that is YOUR STRENGTH , WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITIES AND THREAT are known and understood.The next step is to create life and living around these PECULIARITIES and QUALITIES of yours,First STRENGTH; YOU should build capacity around your strength eg learning, training, professionalism, schooling, vocational skills etcThis serves as a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE, ITS YOUR JACKPOT CARD. DONT TOY WITH IT.Next is your WEAKNESS,…


*Faith is d substance of our of redemption,It is d very substance of our spiritual life. (Heb:11:1). *Faith is putting God's word to work believing. (John:9:7).*There's nothing that moves God,but d simple obedience of Faith..*Faith is not waiting for God to work, Faith is putting God's word to work.* Faith is been fully persuaded of d Truth, d prevailing substance not withstanding until d Truth Triumph


As u grow in grace,never let it cross ur mind that u are d sponsor of God. No human has d Capacity to help God

Proverbs: 18:21

Don't live ur life by chance, or u die by chance .Mind what u say

Level of Faith

There are different levels of faith, which imply various depths of understanding. Outstanding faith is a product of good understanding of scriptures. To develop your faith, therefore, you must grow in understanding, because when understanding come, faith is automatic


The first rule of relationship is;THOU SHALL KNOW THYSELF.The journey into fulfillment and attainment of life goals begins at SELF DISCOVERYHow much diligence do you put into discovering YOU,How much of YOURSELF DO YOU KNOW.YOUR WEAKNESS AND STRENGHT?Make SELF EVALUATION a PRIORITYThen you would know who can walk with you .Save thyself stress of bumping in and out of relationships.MARRIAGE IS A LONG WALK WITH A FRIENDFIND OUT THYSELF AND YOU CAN PICK YOUR FRIEND WISELYBE DILIGENT AT YOURSELF AND YOUR LIKE MIND WILL BE ATTRACTED TO YOU.Quotes;YO…

Look inwardly you might be the solution

Looking inwardly you might be the solution to your searching for true relationship, Take sometime to chat with few you will discover while majority are still single out here in this site 1.Ego2.Pride3.looking for already made4.local mentality 5.etc Open forum might help to seek good outcome

God's Saving Grace

No, its not the fact that we commit sin that makes us a sinner we are a sinner.. That's why we sin, not d fact dat d person is an adulterer or a thief, or a cheat or a liar that makes him immoral, No! Man is born with a condition in his human nature.. A factory inside him that causes him to act contrary to God, that old nature causes a man to sin, "knw dat there is nothing good in me that is in my fresh" Paul said dat in Romans 7, now it doesn't matter who you are what you have done and when you come from, bcos jesus came fo…