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As for me what i want, 1.i want to always be very fruitful. 2. To always be very spiritual discernment. 3. To never ever doubt my - salvation. 4. To never ever fall as a good Christian. There fore, I will always seek the almighty God for all of these things


God bless you all. You can contact me through 08038367562 for us to share Gods word together.


A lot of times, we expend usefull time trying to bring back our past experiences with a view to check out what actually went wrong. The truth is this; you might not have been the cause of all the wrongs. Maybe its just a matter of misunderstanding on the other party. Look towards your inner self with joy that you did your best and make life work. Sorround your life with brilliant colours that would make you feel at the top of the world and leave behind ugly scenes of the past. Life can only get more colorful when you let go and step forward to…


Some folks close to me did some really nasty things I can't imagine and I have been trying so hard to let it go off my mind. I soon discovered even around me everything suddenly started getting really dull. And when I searched and searched, I found out it was because I kept those hurts in my mind. To my surprise, after taking out some time before going to bed to think about everything and forgive them, it was as though an heavy burden was lifted off my head and I felt totally free from that night. Even till this present time of writting, I…

Born to reign

Born to win, born to reign the really battle of life is not the one we fight with another fellow but the one that takes place in our mind. The battle of the mind that toss a person here and there without your awareness but now that we are aware of it we can subdue it and claim total VICTORY,,,,,


They thought we were buried they didn't know we are seeds. the more they think we are down the more we germinate and take up root in the earth, we rise to become unstoppable because we are born to rise and shine


Watch your words, they are like growing tree that bears good fruit or bad fruits! Watch your words; they are window to your heart! Watch your words, herein lies your strength! Watch your words, they can make and unmake you! Watch your words, they are more deadly than Ebola! Watch your words, it is a scanner to your heart! Watch your words, they are arrows and they carry poison or power! Words are the greatest things in the world. They are thoughts put in garments, so they can be commercially used and exchanged. Don`t underestimate the potency o…


This journey validates an age long wise man statement that: `` If I have seen any farther in life, it is by sitting on the shoulders of those who have gone before me.`` You sit on the shoulders of GREAT MINDS by cultivating a VALENTINE READING HABIT. Until you’re in the realm of the unction, it will not manifest. Never forget that the biggest room in the world is always the room for self-improvement! It is what you learn after you know it all that counts! You can learn more from a wise man when he is wrong than a fool when he is right! Learn fr…


I need a serious relationship.


BOOK THERAPY ! Every living thing feed to live. Even unborn babies in the womb feed through the placenta to get essential nutrients for undeveloped organs to grow. And any living thing that chooses to starve itself; over a time will be malnourished and eventually die. Did you eat this morning? How did you feel after enjoying that delicious meal? I suppose you felt great and wired up to face the days work. Friends, knowledge or information is power. When you are not informed, then you are deformed! Uninformed mind is a deformed mind! And one of…


Let us take a journey into relationship tonics by celebrating our women all over the world. This humble piece is dedicated to my beloved mother Mrs. Elizabeth Obijiaku who joined with the LORD on 16th May 2014.Mum, you’re simply the best. All the women out there, we stand on our feet to give you ten thunderous ``GBOZAA``. Yes, you deserve every accolade and worthy to be celebrated by men. Hope fellow men out there have not started feeling jealous. Please you better not be. God was the first to celebrate, appreciate and placed them in an enviabl…


There is no competition in destiny. It is often darkest before the dawn. In the university of life no man is your enemy, no man is your friend, every man is your teacher. In the wilderness of life, time and season`s is chronological order of God! The universe is a master piece of abundance, good health, wealth, love, joy--- it is like an onion bulb with layers. At different time and seasons of life you grapple with divergent situations that reveal the person in you. Don`t wish you were others! Always remember; every man, woman has their seasons…