7 Types of Relationships You Must Focus On In 2016.

Since life is all about relationship your business and personal life is not excluded, so it makes sense to look at areas of relationship where we are lagging and need fixing as we progress and hope for Much profitable and a more happier year ahead here are 7 Relationships Areas you must focus on in 2016. It’s not arranged in any particular orders so you just might have to place them according to your own priorities as it’s applicable to you. Enjoy Reading and share with your friends.

1. # Relationship for Business: Since making Money is an important part of our life’s daily You still need to work hard but this time work smarter and communicate better this year as economic situations looks dicey all around, you must realise that communication will play a great roll in your sales sheet at the end of the business year. Understanding that not all clients are easy to deal with but all clients are a life wire of your business and blood in its veins. Look out for opportunities and be swift to grab them, make conscious efforts to love you clients like your Boyfriend or better still like your wife. For instance think of things that will make your girlfriend happier and incorporate it in your business Relationship this year. Everyone loves to know that someone cares, so go ahead and make your business a caring company in any little ways you can, Become more creative send an anniversary gift to a client, Get some chocolate in a bowl in your office receptions, give a glass of juice in a hot sunny day. It doesn’t cost much but comes with great rewards. This year create new strategic Business relationships and decide that you will make it work, your next big deals might be thru this new Relationship the more the merrier. (Lol)

2. #Relationship for Dating. I am a living witness to the fact that the best moments of our lives come from when we are in love. In love with something, with someone or when someone is in love with you. By my research and interview with different individuals the emotions involved at the entrance of love is highly contagious and has very high positive impacts on such individuals, such that their performance skyrockets at work, their grades goes up at school, and in everything or anyone they are involved with they seems to have a gems touch on everything. They wear bright genuine smiles, they think smarter, Produces results at task given, becomes a great team player leaving asides his or her Personal differences to make the team succeeds.
So make efforts this year to do something different. say hello to someone, visit a friend, Call that lady, Smile more, show some courtesy, Return his calls, Try new routes, Visits another Church, Try the Mosque next door, Have Lunch with someone you care about, Take public transport, Stop Looking down on people, Remove that ring on your finger if you are not truly Engaged or married its sending good men and women away from you. (It’s not cool) unless you are happy with your status.

3. #Relationship for Marriage: well this is very interesting because love is beautiful and marriage is what seals the deal of a life time, great things we have in the present and wonderful things to come. So this year you want to take your relationship to another level, never keep a good woman waiting and don’t keep a good guy hanging. The fact that you have been together for a while now it’s time you make up your mind and decide the way forward. Yea I understand you still have some doubts but I can assure that you won’t have all the time in the world to figure out everything about him or her even in your lifetime. Just come to the best understanding Possible of what you both have right now and your hopes for the future, Marriage is all about decisions that we make daily and after the wedding day you still going to keep making decisions. So meet up with her and make Ur marriage decisions together with faith and love in your hearts it can only get better. Remember to invite me for your wedding. (Congratulations to you the latest couples in Town)

4. #Relationship for friendship. Some of us actually don’t have a life aside from work, work and work, well it’s not bad to work but what happens after work. You gets back home Lonely and wishing you have someone to call precisely someone to which you share some fond thoughts or someone to actually call you and ask about your day. Yes it’s time we change that, life can be funny at times and there are moments you’ll wish you are not alone this is where and when friendship means a whole lot much more than money. So what do I need to do? Perhaps it’s time you pay attention many has offer a arm of friendship to you but you have turned them down in a million ways knowingly and unknowingly, by your attitude, your been too busy all the times, your body language, your dress sense, your manners of Approach, and most of all your character, To him that wants friendship at least let him or her First becomes friendly. What you give is what you get, when he approached you with offer of friendship before he even said Hi’’ you are already off, at the shopping mall She smiles at you with winks but the look you gave was that of someone who has just lost a jackpot frowning like she’s your horrible Ex? Relationship is always a two way communication. Give what you have and it will come back to you. Become more receptive, you know some of those stuff’s you probably or purposely do to keep people away from you, yea its time you stop. Start making friends and also allow people to come into your life, most of us always have an intuition about people sometimes its Wright and sometimes it’s a false alarm triggered by past experience it’s time to let it go and let new things grow.

5. #Relationship for Life. This is the utmost of all, Your Faith in GOD.
Life is all about BMD (Birth Marriage Dating) and ultimately Death.
None can escape death and none will. It’s obvious nobody lives forever so it makes more meaning to strengthen your faith become closer to God no matter how busy you may be. Faith in God guides our hearts and gives us hope to pull thru in many life challenges, no matter how tight your schedule is you must find time to communicate with your God develop a stronger and better relationship like never before. Consider the bible (James 4:8).
BMD is all about relationship and relationship is one of the reasons God created the Heaven and the Earth. Consider The Bible Genesis (Chapter 1).

6. #Relationship for Family your family plays a great role in the outcome of a greater society at large but you and I must play our parts. This year make sure to set aside Quality family times and don’t continue to take work home, let work stop at the office and let your home be a place where your family can have access to your heart and you. There’s something have discovered about work, having previously worked in TV Broadcasting the work in transmission never comes to an end Unless you shut down, so from one recording to another from studio to transmission and the circle continues but when my close friend and colleague died I thought work will stop for a moment but it never did for even a seconds. So the lesson here is if you think you are too important in that business or office or that business might collapse if you are not there, then you need to think again. Nobody is irreplaceable the people that will miss you most are your family and friends not your office. So please shut down once the office hour is over and resume in family Mode. Family Love is of great importance and Strength if you have it. Pay attention to your wife ,at home Become a husband, Her friend and not a Boss, Play with your children read them books, become more of a wife at home and not a CEO see yourself as that simple lady with a lovely Heart caring for her family.. Hmmm... I see you having a fantastic best family time ever this year let’s make it work.

7. #Relationship for self. All things good start by having good relationship with self, how long will you continue to wonder and ponder upon what will my friend think and what will people say, if i get a new hair style will obama like it, what will American people say? If i dattebayo what will people say,i just had a failed relationship/marriage and this new guy is really on my neck if i say yes to him what will people say ? if i decide to quit this job and Start my own Record label what will people say? The syndrome of what will people say is the bondage that keeps many people from ever reaching their full potentials... So this year here is the deal, Decide for you and not for the people. Anything that makes you happy let them be your first priorities, Become your own first source of happiness, love yourself more, make that trip this year, work that body, Exercise more, Eat Healthy, Buy that car, Start that Business, Get that Degree, Take that Job offer, How can you love anyone when you hate yourself? Self love is contagious and you cannot give what you don’t already have. So anything that brings happiness first directly to you this is the way to go in 2016.
I hope you’ve learnt something from this article i will be very delighted if you’ll leave me a comment.

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