The Meaning of Christian Dating

Technically, Christian dating always occur when a Christian man or a Christian woman is dating, It doesn't matter whether their dating partner is a Christian or otherwise. Generally, Christian dating involves a dating behaviors of a Christian couple or persons find appropriate based on his or her religious beliefs and values. But everybody is not the same. By understanding some fundamental and biblical Guidelines or principles, can help to define Christian dating clearly.

The Definition
Christian dating usually means dating behaviors that aligned with Christian beliefs and principles of Christianity. Many denominations and different churches have different views or perspectives about dating, some Christians believe that 2 people shouldn't kiss or show any physical affection til they are considered married. Many Christians find physical intimacy before marriage inappropriate in Christian dating. Generally, Physical intimacy before marriage is unacceptable for Christians, but everyone has his or her own beliefs in this topic.

The Significance
Social and peer pressures is increasingly leaning toward physical intimacy before marriage. Provocative sexual conduct and the general objectification of sexuality. Many Christians find these secular conducts incompatible compared to their own Christian beliefs and values. Dating is relatively a hot topic within the Christian communities in regard to this fact.

Important Features
Christian people always wish to be in a relationship with other Christian people. It makes their relationship easier, since both of them will get along well and understands each other's expectations. The general concept is that individuals who aren't Christians always want to live the secular life and uphold to the secular values. In the book of John, 1 John 2, it has been written, "Don't love this world and anything in the world... For the world with its desires shall pass away, only the man that does God's will, lives forever," In accordance with the Newly International Version "NIV" of the Holy Bible. But all Christian people always want to live like Christ and portray those Christian values in their own relationships. Dating a non-Christian individual can cause values conflict for a Christian, because they will always want to please their partner and their own God.

The Biblical Precedent
Christian dating most importantly is defined through the bible precedent. The Christian bible tells us that people are created uniquely by God and they are very special to God. Christians always want to value themselves as a God's creations, not as a sexual object. They need their relationships with each other as part of worshiping God. Christian attitude in respect to dating may best be summarized by the Holy scripture, verse 1 of the book of John 2:16, which stated that, "...this world, the needs of a sinful man, and the lust on his eyes... Does not come from the Father in heaven but from this world." (NIV).

The standard for Christian dating only has its own roots in the ease of a relationship and the biblical principles. In second Corinthians 6:14, In that instance, Paul wrote "Don't be yoked with unbelievers, what will righteousness have in common with wickedness?" "NIV" 2 Corinthians Chapters 6:3 states, "We don't put stumbling blocks in someone's path, for our ministry not to be discredited." "NIV" Therefore, Christians may not be willing to marry those that might lead them to commit sin.