Online Dating Tips For Women

Online dating is widely used now than ever, In this article there are 5 significant steps for online dating success. Currently, there are more than 19 million singles in Nigeria today, searching the web and online dating websites trying to find love. A recently conducted research reveal that about 5% of online dating profile of individuals on these various websites deliberately lie and misrepresent themselves. However, there are some tips on how to navigate through these liars.

Here Are 5 Important Steps A Woman must take to Filter out These Fake People who Seems to Lie and claim to be Something They are Not.

Step 1: Your Instinct and intuition: Use your intuition, see how you feel about this person you are chatting with, If he is in a rush to go out of the site or offer you an email address such contact me through my email (i.e, hot, don't do that, only insist to chat through this site and get to know each other better, when your instinct tells you that he is a genuine and sincere individual, then you give him your phone number and speak with him on phone, but still try to get a good sense of who he is before meeting him, But don’t rush into meeting him too soon.

Step 2: Have a long discussion on the site before you go for a date - The typical mistake a lot of women make is always moving a little too fast, within the early stages of chatting with a man, woman's feelings are extremely high. Therefore, common sense becomes impaired. Try chatting for a long time on the site to get to know him well, ask questions and try to see any inconsistencies in his respond and get a feeling of who he is. A lot of bad love affairs could be prevented by Just chatting a couple of time more, prior to the first date, or giving out your phone number.

Step 3: Creating your profile - Don't put your contact details such your phone number, email address, house address or any contact information on the (about me) section of your profile, because this kind of fake people will certainly make a decision within a few moments of reading through your profile to contact you, without chatting with you. Your profile must be written in a way that will make you stand out and seems to be special and worth getting to know or get in touch with. A great user profile is actually written in a conversational speaking tone and communicates who you are and what you are searching for in a man. An excellent suggestion is to incorporate all the characteristics and qualities you are searching for in your profile. A great profile is written in a way that appeals to the kind of men you are searching for, and scare off people you are not interested in.

Step 4: Giving Out Your Contact Information: Don’t give out your contact information too soon, that’s too personal, because that can jeopardize your safety. Try to chat for days and analyze his personality, to have a clear knowledge of who he really is before giving out your contact details such as your phone number or email address.

Step 5: If you feel like you are ready to meet him or go out on a date, still have it in mind that you are meeting a stranger. If you have had a very long chatting and phone conversations, don’t just assume that you known him already or having a false sense of security or familiarity, ask more questions and check for inconsistency in his response.

These guidelines are very important for any lady to find success online. Get more online dating advice and tips