Five Suggestions for Christian Singles

 photo African manLet’s be realistic: Dating is a complex subject for almost everyone and even more for those who want to protect their spiritual moral and values in this anything goes culture we live in today. Having this in mind, let's suggest 5 Dating strategies to help guide single Christian — men and women:

Keep your heart clean and not cluttered. There is a Christian principle that says "whatever that is in a person’s heart will determine the actions of that person and the decisions he or she makes". For better or for worse, many Christian dating help and advice focuses on Christian character or behavior only. Well, how far can you go physically. What Christians should or should not do in dating and relationship, so on and so forth. Some advice might be very helpful, but the most helpful part is the recognition of conducts followed by convictions and actions that goes with the attitudes. In the Bible. Proverbs (4:23) Solomon said; “Above all things you should guard your heart, because everything you do will flow through it". When it comes to love matters sound judgment and romance springs from the heart if rooted in a nurtured deeply held moral and spiritual beliefs.

Have a defined standard in advance. When thinking about any potential perilous situation, we always think about it before it happens. Just like if you are traveling to a large city, you should get a clear direction of your destination so that you wouldn't end up lost or in an unsafe area of the city. You must plan ahead of time to prevent yourself from danger. The same is true for dating. If your Christian values are important to you, try to take some time to identify them very well before you start dating someone. Use your clear intentions to Fortify them in advance.

Don’t be afraid to state your position. Some single Christians are always reluctant to voice out their convictions just because they don't want to be labeled “(old fashioned” or “narrow minded).” But is good to be up-front when it comes to what is acceptable to you or not. Many awkward and difficult situations can be prevented by simply being yourself and honest with your date about what you like and your standards. If your partner resists your ability to be truthful to yourself and your beliefs, then you should do yourself a great favor to gracefully bow out.

Find a support system. If you are facing any challenges, it will help you to know that you are not alone. Make friends that shares your moral commitment and integrity. Always ask them to watch your back. Try to encourage one another and hold firm to your convictions, keep each other accountable. As they always say, there is a strength in numbers. And strength is just what single Christians need to navigate the uncertain journey of potential romance.

Find a mature Christian you respect and Seek a dating advice from him or her. Chances are there is somebody maybe—a pastor, your mentor, or your teacher whose opinions and perspectives you may hold in high esteem. Spend some time with this individual and try to get all the wisdom you can from him or her about dating. Again, in the Bible Solomon said, “He who goes with the wise becomes wise” (Proverbs. 13:20). Good counseling is always available to you if only you will ask for it. Spiritual beliefs and values are a large part of who we are and it will play a vital role in your relationships.